Bernie Mev Shoes


Shoes for the way women live today

Bernie Mev New York created his first shoe line in 1974, after working with Kenneth Cole in El Greco. For the last 34 years Bernie Mev has used his creativity to offer healthy and original shoes. As a result of this work the brand has become the king of woven footwear, a unique style that provides lightness, flexibility and breathability. In addition to all this excellent properties Bernie Mev has included a memory foam insole that adapts to the shape of your feet and makes his footwear extremely comfortable. 

Bernie Mev Materials

Memory soles are made with viscoelastic foam, they accomodate to the shape of your feet and the pressure of every movement. With this material you will feel like constantly walking on a soft pillow. 

Bernie Mev's new shoe collection is inspired by modern women, with energetic lifestyle and has become a sensation in the US. It's the perfect combination of comfort, style and competitive prices. 

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